Google Glass.

I had the great experience of using Google Glass. These photographs reflect public feedback of using such technology. Everyone shown knew they were being photographed. Everyone photographed inquired about what device I was wearing, as at the time Glass was not well known. The reactions from almost everyone was about the same, intrigued and horrified all at once.  It is interesting capturing that experience of confusion in these photographs.

I think the difference between taking a photo with Glass vs any other device is that Glass is a part of you. When people look at you, they do not see a camera they see a person. Once they realize they are being filmed and photographed they feel violated. With a regular camera or phone people instantly recognize what is happening, the knowing of the action is more inviting; thus being less scary.

Update: In Glass 2.0, the feature to take photos with an eye blink was removed. Instead you have to actively hold a button with your hand.