Arduino Robot Ameliea



Meet Ameliea, my first live Robot. She is programed to continuously move forward and before she hits a wall she will stop, look in both directions and go towards the better path. Ameliea is created using a Arduino processing board. This board is like a mini computer that you can program to do many different functions. People have been using these type of processing boards for robotics and multimedia art work. There are lot of uses for an Arduino. You have to code the Arduino, and it easily connects to a computer. Arduino is completely open source. You can find a lot of code people have been using already or generate your own code to meet the needs of what you want to accomplish. When I first made Ameliea she was running smoothly until her servo blew up. I crossed switched one of the battery wires and it caused the servo to overheat. Luckily my local radio shack had extra servos! Another problem I faced with Ameliea was that I wasn’t sure about her battery life, I didn’t want to switch out batteries on the go so I decided it was best to install a back up set of batteries on the chassis.


Over all I really enjoyed my time with Arduino, Ameliea is now boxed away and maybe someday her brothers and sisters will be better than she is now. This is just the beginning of my robotics era, I just experimented with the technology. What I would do differently is probably purchase better parts, and create my own code. We will see where this goes in the future.