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Through You Into Action, Publication No.19
Through You Into Action is Aferro’s 19th publication. It is a catalogue of 38 different artist. These selected artist were apart of Gallery Aferro’s studio residency within the last 5 years. Gallery Aferro is well known for having a large amount of studio space. 600-900 square feet of studio space for artists to do their work! Taking on this project was a huge undertaking, I have only unofficially made books for class prior to this. I never dealt with printers or phone calls or actual people before. This was my first internship! I loved how Aferro believed in me, they told me to get things done and I did. I got things done.

“The Center for Contemporary Art and Gallery Aferro are excited to present Through You Into Action, a major multi-site exhibition and accompanying publication of the same name, commemorating the first 5 years of Gallery Aferro’s award-winning studio residency program”

“Gallery Aferro and the Center for Contemporary Art are both creative hubs where art is not only shown but made. The exhibitions as well as the accompanying publication allow the public to learn much about process: how and why each piece was conceived, worked upon, and fully realized. The fully illustrated catalog, No. 19 in Gallery Aferro’s publication line of artist books, catalogs, essays and sound art CD’s, features writing from each artist illuminating their concepts as well as their experiences in the program.”

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Detail *black lines are only shown on screen, they do not appear when printed* Front used is Dioptical by Em42

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INDEX Card Cover