I am a graphic designer who studied as an undergrad at Mason Gross, Rutgers University, earning my B.F.A with a concentration in graphic design. Prior to transferring to Mason Gross, I attended Raritan Valley Community College. I graduated with two associate degrees, Both in Visual Arts and Graphic Design in 2011. I highly enjoy having a small visual arts background as it helped me develop my work during undergrad. I feel Graphic Designers are people with many talents and I have a great deal of variety in my skill set. Some people do not agree that Graphic Designers are artist but I like to think we are!

I value meeting my deadlines with a high degree of quality. I love knowing that I got the job done. My design philosophy has always been about proper research and relentless attack. My job as designer is to find the solution that meet my client’s needs. You need commitment and knowledge in order to do that.

Currently I have the great opportunity to study abroad in Vietnam. The experience living in a developing country for half a year is unique and grossly underestimated. I could have not imagined that my homeland would have changed so much since I visited in 2005. The development that Vietnam has seen in the past 10 years is almost inconceivable because the difference between not having roads to having skyscrapers is like America having flying cars today. The world isn’t so different, yet the opportunities we have in America were greatly missed while I was away.

While abroad, among the things I am able to experience and learn in Vietnam, I wanted to keep busy over in the states as well. Starting November 2015 I started an internship for The Center for Contemporary Art in Bedminster, NJ. This gallery host exhibitions, classes and local events for the community to experience. I was ecstatic to have been able to produce work for The Center as their new social media intern. I had social media experience in the past during a previous internship at Gallery Aferro in 2011-2012. That experience helped me greatly at The Center for Contemporary Art.

For me social media has always been interesting because it can communicate to people across the world.

Some of the responsibilities for this internship included posting on their Facebook and Instagram platforms. I was given administrator access and social media tools such as hoot suite, and team up calendar to help me perform my daily task. Through team up calendar, I was able to be given daily direction. The time zones difference between New Jersey (EST) and Vietnam (UTC) is 12 hours. The daily need to stay in direct contact with my employer was a struggle, as I could only communicate through email because of this time zone difference. I am incredibly satisfied with how reliable online communication has been for me while abroad, without tools like team up, skype, facebook, I would not have been able to have an internship from across the world.

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