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Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University 2014.

My Interest

  • I can create animations through After Effects. I can incorporate those animations in videos that I edit through Final Cut Pro, Premier and After Effects.

    I have experience with audio sync, camera stabilization when using drone footage, green screening.

  • In previous internships I was able to shoot gallery events with a DSLR and record performances to use for promoting the gallery.

    I have experience with live streaming, recording, attending events and documenting them.

  • I know about posting through Social Media using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vine, Snap Chat.

    I have experience in using social media tools such as Hoot Suite to schedule post on time.

Specialists in Social Media and

Video Editing.

Years of experience through internships involving Social Media. Publications, Video editing, Promoting and Marketing events. Gallery Experience, in Newark and Bedminster.
Still Learning.
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Fueled by Obsession.

I enjoy the phrase Relentless Attack in design and life. I find that when you love something it becomes everything you are.

Proven Perseverance.

I believe in all nighters, getting the job done to meet deadlines on time. I won’t ever give up, my team counts on my abilities as I do theirs.

Research Driven.

Knowing all the facts creates an easier work flow in the long run. Management of file assets and Google are my specialty.

The Best Solutions.

My goal is not to sell you anything. My goal is to help guide you in what you need.

Time Management

I believe in creating promises that I can keep. Keeping those promises are my life.

Constantly Learning.

I will not stop improving, I have a Ph.D. in Google. I find that new tools are always being created and finding the right one for the job is important.

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Flemington, NJ 08822

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+1 (908) 200-6270